Porte is fully dedicated to personal customer service and utilizing member feedback to develop the services, features, and benefits that ensure members own their money.

Fremont, CA: Populus Financial Group, which provides a broad range of financial products and services, has launched Porte - a mobile banking solution committed to helping members navigate a path toward financial freedom.

Porte uses its smart app to reduce barriers and increase how efficiently members can access their money. Porte represents a modern approach to banking by providing its members real-world insights into their financial challenges and resources to guide them as they make informed financial decisions.

"We understand and identify with the real-world financial challenges many of our members face because, just like them, we've been there ourselves. As a result, we are inspired and committed to help them navigate a pathway towards financial success," said Melanie Few, Populus Financial Group Chief Marketing Officer. "With up to 3.00 percent Annual Percentage Yield on savings, educational resources to help make informed decisions on money management and debt relief, and no monthly maintenance fees,4 we have built a banking experience around and for our members."

With the Porte app, members have easy and reliable access to their money. Among the resources included:

• 3.00 percent Annual Percentage Yield Savings Account balances up to $15,000: Start earning up to 60x the national average, with no monthly maintenance fees.

• Financial Insights and Educational Resources: As a generation of Americans struggle under the burden of debt, Porte is the trusted partner to provide easy-to-use tools, such as the Budget Tracker and True Debt Calculator, to help monitor monthly spending and showcase how simple changes in daily expenditures can help reduce debt and save money.

• Benefits Exclusively for Porte Members: Members enjoy access, in the palm of their hands, to a Porte spending account and optional savings account without a brick-and-mortar bank. Other benefits include access to paychecks up to two days faster when enrolled in direct deposit, optional overdraft service, cashback rewards at participating retailers, and real-time account alerts. Also, members receive a sleek and modern Porte black Visa debit card representing the smart decisions they are making today to pave the way for a positive financial journey in the future.

• Porte's Giving Program, #DoorToChange: Through Porte's #DoorToChange program, members shop with a purpose. With every purchase made with the Porte card, a donation is made to the Porte charity partner of the member's choice.

"Porte's mission is to inspire financial freedom by giving members the right tools to own their money," said Few. "As a generation of Americans struggle in the maze of managing their finances and, for so many, under the burden of what seems to be never-ending debt, they need a trusted partner. Porte was built on the feedback of consumers and we are fully committed to listening to members about services, benefits and features they desire and finding ways to deliver."