Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 25,2021

Feature of the Week

AI algorithms are used to map credit card applications and detect illicit purchases or shadowy transfers of money. With the help of their bank details, the algorithm can track fraudsters and record the money trail that exposes the criminals  Read more
Digital insurance distribution is a need with growing online sales, a collaborative ecosystem can ensure business growth as well as customer satisfaction.  Read more
Kenyan company String Analytics will soon become the top management provider in Africa, aiming to assist communication between policymakers, investors, and MSMEs. The company offers solutions to various organizations to understand their data better  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Christopher Higgins, CIO, Technology Delivery & Infrastructure Services, U.S. Bank [NYSE:USB]  
As Chief Information Officer of Technology and Operations Services at U.S. Bank, you might expect me to care most about technology.  Read more
By Jeff DeLong, EVP & CIO, South State Bank  
Creating a culture where employees not only know how to, but also feel empowered to report potential security incidents and suspicious activity is of paramount importance  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Justin Fischer, CEO & Co-Founder  
The aim of the company is to help financial institutions (FIs) bank high-risk businesses such as Hemp, CBD, cannabis, and MSB with its platform for automating on-boarding and ongoing requirements. VeriLeaf assists FIs by automating compliance,...  Read more
By Wayne Johnson  
Encompass Corporation carefully listens to and understands its client's needs and requirements. The company then develops an automated process that collects data through various disparate sources and creates a consolidated customer profile that...  Read more
By Justin Holder, CEO  
A specialist provider of testing and validation solutions for sanction screening and transaction monitoring technologies.The company publishes monthly Global Benchmark scores that represent industry standards, allowing financial institutions to...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Shawn Rose, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer at Scotiabank  
People are complex, so we don’t entirely know what the future of retail banking will be—which is...  Read more
By Philipp Buck, Digital Banking Expert and Manager, Soranus  
Traditional and agile methods repeatedly clash in contemporary projects. Yet, few project...  Read more
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